Explore the Nilgiris - Come stay with us!

Atwood Coonoor...a boutique resort

Once upon a time, a rose-garden sprawling over 60 acres, belonging to the erstwhile Maharaja of Pithapuram, it’s now a sprawling tea garden -

While the main Palace still maintains its regal facade, notwithstanding the many sea-changes inside, the grounds and the out - houses offer a more interesting scenario.

One such building by the pond, with a view of the mountains has been transformed into cosy, comfortable suites, called ATWOOD.

Our Suites and Spaces. Nestled within a tea estate in Coonoor town…well appointed suites, sitting-room with a fire-place, leading to a bed-room with attractive alcoves with window-seats for relaxing or reading, furnished with antique rosewood and teak furniture and, having a brilliant view of the landscapes, rolling tea estates and flaming sun sets.

Our Interiors. The well appointed suites have a charming sitting-room with a fire-place, leading to a bed-room with attractive alcoves with window-seats for relaxing or reading, and a spacious, well appointed bath-room and verandahs with easy chairs or hammocks, from where one can enjoy a view of undulating tea-slopes.

Surroundings. A glimpse into what you could experience, the viewsm the tea slopes and the neighbourhood.

We have 4 quaint suites with its independent fireplaces and sit outs and hammocks and beautiful sunsets + access to the common areas like the sun deck, pond, lawns, bbq areas etc. Roam the acres of private tea gardens which surrounds the building for treks and sit-out picnics.

There is a sun-deck which commands a panoramic view of the rolling-hills, clothed in Shola - trees, and one can watch some flaming sun-sets from here.

A barbeque, and a bon-fire pit are added attractions. Chilly evenings are for enjoying a drink or for story-telling in front of a blazing hearth-fire

We can accommodate a cheerful family of 3 or 4 in each suite and upto 14 cheerful adults at a go.

Note: Entry ONLY on prior CONFIRMED fully paid booking.

THERE IS NO RESTAURANT - You enjoy the culinary delights in a casual setting - by the log or on the deck or on the lawn. better still simply standing. You can use our casual functional kitchen.


We offer a special local fare on specific days And Customised fares for small get-togethers on request.


We host Special events like theatre, book reading, lectures etc.,

Come experience a quiet afternoon or an enthralling evening or stay the course and discover the Nilgiris - It’s about Tea, teeing and Tribals!

Room Categories / Tariff

Suite #1 and #4 (accommodates upto 4 adults each) - Rs. 10,000/-*

Suites #2 and #3 (accommodates upto 3 adults each) Rs. 7500/- *

Breakfast: 250/- per head

Lunch or Dinner: 500/- per head

*taxes extra as applicable

Curated by foot INR 1000 to 2,000

Trek the hills through curated trails choosing between categories and interest, you will pass through small shanty towns, villages,dams, golf courses, parks, tea estates, forests and other places of interest, all while imbibing on the beauty of the flora and fauna, the landscapes and the curiosity of people.


The soulful experience: INR 1,500 to 2,500

Visit a hamlet or a tribal village - buy local. Discover EMOTIONS!

Travel by the UNESCO World Heritage Nilgiri Mountain Railway and learn all about it. Buy curios and goodies directly from the designers and artisans themselves. Experience the seasonal festivities along with the song and dance.

Play a round of Golf at one of the private clubs.

The whiff of Magic: INR 2000 to 3000

Experience the working of a tea factory or distillation units., and get a chance to buy directly from the source.

Visit an agricultural farm and experience farming. if you are lucky and the farmer willing you could pluck the local seasonal produce. Discover YOUR SENSES!

Call: +91 748-349-3234 | email: 3atwood@gmail.com | www.atwood.in | www.facebook.com/Atwood.Coonoor

This is a Private Property: Walk in = Trespass